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Ramesh Raj

Dear sir/madam,

I have checked that cover letter, I impressed and well organised words by you, please go ahead to next process.

Thank you,





Saud Sufi

Thank you Diana…… it was great talking to you you’ve been helped me a lot in researching my profile in gulf locations appreciate it Thanks a ton for all the encouragement and support i will definitely get registered with your service once i gain more exp in networking field i will get back to you in future.

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vijay vellingiri

Thanks a lot mam. Definitely i will ask you, if I get any doubts about the process. And I am very comfort and blissful the way you all organizing/taking care of my process. Thanks to you and your team. Take care mam!!! Have a good day!!!

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Sheetal Gupta

It’s always nice talking to you Diana and I am very impressed by your way of talking and handling the things. I have enrolled myself because I trust u and I don’t know why but i do. All the very best for your future and May God always n always bestow His kind blessings on u. be happy and blessed always.

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Madhur Gupta

Dear JobSog,

This letter is to Appreciate Mr. Sai who is currently working as my Resume marketing officer. I am happy with his service to apply Jobs for me till now.
I have got 2-3 responses with-in a time frame of less than 15 days. I hope to get his support further.

Dr. Madhur Gupta


Sachin Gaur

Hi Jobsog team,

This is for your update that I got job offer from INTERNETONE AG, Cologne, Germany as salary package 55000 EURO per year as the Sr. Developer(.NET).

Thank you very much for your efforts to finding me job in Germany.

Thank you very much once again.


Sachin Gaur



I have joined the new job for which I recieved a job offer letter last wednesday. Thank you for assisting me in the job search and securing a job for me in a short time. Thanks a lot to you and the Jobsog team 🙂