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5 Ways to Use Internet to Boost Your Job Search

The internet has changed the way we work and live. It has also created a huge impact on how we look for jobs. Many jobs are not even advertised on the newspaper anymore. Candidates are relying heavily on the internet on to land up their dream jobs. We will tell you how to use the internet in an optimum way to boost your job search.


Online Job Portals
There are many online job websites where companies publish their vacancies. Register in some of the reputed websites and upload your resume. You should also browse the jobs posted on the site by using the categories and search feature.

Networking goes a long way in getting you a job, specially for freelancers. The various communication channels and social media have made networking easy and effective these days. You can form your own network on professional platforms like LinkedIn where employees and employers can interact. You can also use personal social media and search for promising contacts who can direct you to a job.

Approaching Company Websites
Sometime the company you are interested in may not be posting any vacancies. You can look up their official website and find out their contact details. Follow that up with an email or a direct call and enquire if there are any vacancies. Some websites also have a section on ‘Careers’ which lists the available jobs. Some also provide option to upload your resume in case they require you in the future.

Researching companies
The internet holds a great source of information for almost anything. You will be able to find details on your interested companies, their work culture and other information. The review of different employees and market analysis organizations also give a good picture about the prospect of the company. Spend some time and research the company you want to apply to.

Take Help from Google
Directly typing your job search keywords in Google can also lead to promising results. It can land up on jobs that you haven’t been able to find on job portals or through networking. Use specific keywords related to your industry and modify them if you do not get expected results.


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